Why My call center Business Is Not Growing?

I talk to many small business owners. As a matter of fact, over the last five years, I must have talked with over 5,00 entrepreneurs, owners and founders right here in Mumbai. I am always listening to their business questions and concerns... and I have uncovered their biggest challenge: 

My business is not growing 

So I ask them why is your business not growing? They tell me that either existing customers are spending less, are going to competition, or have stopped outsourcing. I ask them what you are doing to bring back existing customers. Their answer is not much. Then I ask, what about new customers? They tell me that we don't have a budget for investing money on Infrastructure, technology, recruitment cost and recurring expenditures . We are barely able to meet clients expectations.

Therein lies the problem

The small business wants to grow big, but doesn't have the money to spend on growing, or doesn't want to spend money on growing, or doesn't want to hire someone to help them grow. 

Now I can understand that the economy just want through a giant recession, and that money is scarce. Everyone had to scale back their spending plans.

However, if you are not expanding your business as call center is volume game, how do you expect to grow? How do you expect to find new customers?

Do you need OPEX model your business?

The challenges faced by Entrepreneurs and business owners are Capital Investment, Rising and high rates of infrastructure, Inadequacy in IT, Immaturity in BPO and lastly non reliability of the process in hand. To survive and excel in this type of market is only serviced call centers or managed IT/Ites setups. This kind of setups come up with a value offering which helps you to focus towards your core competence while they manage your infrastructure, administration, information technology and many more allied services on only operational fixed per workstation cost without any investment.

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