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.US Online Education Lead GenerationWe have aligned with a marketing firm in Florida to sell prospect Student list to Universities and therefore need suppliers who have the available technology to make live transfers. The live transfers are first sent to the call centre in USA where we verify the quality of the lead through cross questioning and re-questioning method. After the prospect is qualified at our end we have 3 options left.Firstly we transfer them to the contact centre of the Universities and then make the prospect speak with the University Advisers. This is considered a hot transfer lead.Secondly if we cannot transfer them at the moment we speak to them regarding their interests in the courses and their ability to pay for their education from their own resources. Once we find that the person is suitable we accept that lead and enter the information into the portal and this is called a SMP or Web Lead.Thirdly, there can be certain leads that though match few or all criteria but they cannot be transferred to the University at all or they cannot be helped by our advisers. Then we transfer them to our Third Party partners who work on them. We call them the Third Tier Leads.The criteria for qualification of a prospect are: Must be at least 18 years old and not more than 55 years (ability to learn decreases at higher ages) Must be a permanent resident or citizen of USA (no anticipatory application) Must not be a current student of any regular university or school (Must agree to change school for an online degree if they are enrolled at present) Should have a Valid High School Diploma of USA or a GED Should understand and able to communicate in English language Should have a computer with internet access either at home or at work with minimum access time of 10-20 hours in a week Must not be willing to study in a regular course but only online / correspondence educationProcess flow:Lead >>>> CRM >>>>Adviser>>>>Checks Validity >>>>Lead Number Generated >>>>Lead OutcomeQuality Control:Education is something that you cannot sell to people who are unwilling to learn or study. It is a spontaneous urge to learn that drives people towards education. So the quality part of this campaign is that the lead generation staff should leave the usual sales man approach and behave more like an adviser. If some one is not interested then there is no point in chasing them, as people can’t be forced to be educated. This part is very vital for maintaining the quality level of service delivery for this programme.Payment:We pay the affiliate on per accepted lead / transfer basis only. The payment cycle is 30 days for first 3 months through wire transfer. The affiliate agency needs to pay for the wire charges of $15 per transfer.The commission chart for each type of transfer is: Hot Transfer Lead : $25.00 SMP/WEB Lead: $10.00 TT Leads: $3.00All states are accepted except for MO, ND, AK and HI.Interested centers forward your profile with website address at from your official Id only
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  • This is Hari Babu from India (off shore ). I own a call center by the name KCN Solutions in India (offshore).

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