Telecom Lead Generation for existing BT Customers:We need your agents to contact existing BT business consumers in UK (not tied with BTthough), especially very small business units. We need people who are paying more than£30 and less than £5000 as monthly billing now. We can help this demography to savearound 40% of their monthly bill.Your agents will represent our partner company as a whole seller of BT nationwide andtherefore will have extra leverage in selling the new services. As you will be representinga national dealer of the brand BT therefore you will have extra leverage in selling theproducts than any other brand, due to the emotional attachment of the UK Consumers toBT.A lead is eligible for commission once it gets converted. Provided a lead is legitimate, theoverall live ratio for contracts is around 70-75% taking into account pre-live drop-out, ,customer's change of mind, Claw backs and any other compliance issues.Your agents will not have to do anything apart from making the decision maker of thebusiness agree to save some money on their bills and all they have to do is to make thepeople send a fax of their latest telephone bill.For the sake of transparency, you will be provided with an online portal through whichyou will be able to check the progress of all of your contracts at any given time. Once acontract is uploaded on the portal, it usually takes 4 weeks for the contract to go live.Should you wish to go ahead, it will be 4-5 weeks before you will get the first paymentand then weekly thereafter.All sales scripts and product information will be provided. Should you require furtherinformation pertaining to the product in particular, please feel free to get in contact withus and we will be happy to oblige.Portal access for receipt and feedback of leads:The following information will be available for each lead>> With BT>> Monthly Telecom spend minimum £30 to £5000 per month>> Not tied in to BT>> Decision Makers contact details• Name• Company address• Telephone number• Email address• Fax number>> Faxed copy of recent BT bill to us and willing to move their Telecom package if wecan save them moneyGeneral criteria: restrictions>> Interested in a telephone consultation>> Contactable within 24hrsCommission is on a revenue sharing basis that we will decide upon after an initialdiscussion with your firm.Interested centers forward your center profile with website address from your official id at
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