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Turn a Post-Sale Experience in to New Business!

Well, you invested in the creation of a great product, earmarked a healthy budget for marketing, and made the sale.  Now what?  In today’s economic world it is entirely possible that even a company with moderately high sales revenue may have to consider one or all of the following: shrinking margins, loss of market share, customer attrition, or simple loss of profitability.  Certain factors are completely out of the control of most businesses, things like government regulation, supplier price in

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Hi this is mohan narayanan from CoreLagic BPO/IT we are outsoruce's our own process US survey very simple yes or no question payout 8$ weekly (Friday) unlimit survey ...calling data provided minimum 5 seat need interest center contact as soon us...........

Corelagic BPO/IT..





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Dear Centers,

Start the month with a bang!  Check out our campaign list and start making money today. Below are our most stable campaigns which have been running up to 4 years already. Please reply back if you are interested on any campaigns. We are also doing a survey with call centers to see what campaigns you are currently running with much success. We may be able to find similar campaigns for you and even higher payouts or better conversions. So please REPLY back and let us know what success
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Required call center experience in Appointment setting. Must have 10 seats with agents having good listening, speaking and neutral accent. Predictive Dialer that can handle hot transfers with strong IT, good net speed and White VoIP. Working DID is a must.

Appointment setting
Dialing hours: 9AM – 8:30PM PST. Center interested will need to provide recordings of their reps/agents to qualify. Training will be provided with centers having Speakers and Webcam.

Contact on Skype: Bmagroup / VoiceProcess

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Survey Process

Hello Everybody,

    I would like to introduce a survey process with high payout up to 10 USD on just 6 questions.Interested centers may put in their request at find the details on the survey process.

This survey is all about the information technology.A center need to just ask 6 questions with answer in yes or no.All the questions will be about their day to day usage of the computer and other electronics goods.Payout would be weekly with 1 week in arrear.


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