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Turn a Post-Sale Experience in to New Business!

Well, you invested in the creation of a great product, earmarked a healthy budget for marketing, and made the sale.  Now what?  In today’s economic world it is entirely possible that even a company with moderately high sales revenue may have to consider one or all of the following: shrinking margins, loss of market share, customer attrition, or simple loss of profitability.  Certain factors are completely out of the control of most businesses, things like government regulation, supplier price in

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Canadian Lead Generation

Hi Everyone,

We are looking centers for Canadian lead generation program for Banks,
Brokers and Brokerage Companies.

*      Payment Cycle - Weekly (In beginning for first 100 leads we can pay
after every 10 leads.)
*      Payout CA$30 to CA$35 per lead. (Depending on required criteria)
*      Canada.
*      Interest Rate 5% and above.
*      LTV less than 80%
*      Loan Amt. 100k
*      Renewal within 6 months.
*      Cash out of 10k or Debt of 15k. Any variable Int

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