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Hi everyone! I am from Outreach Development, which is a company solely focused on real time and hot lead generation. With many years of vast experience, we have created the industry leading process for generating the hottest leads customizable to your wishes. Although we specialize in solar leads, weight loss leads, and home business leads, our experience and the ability to adapt to change grants us the professional skill to generate any type of leads. Because of our unique style of profession n

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Required call center experience in Appointment setting. Must have 10 seats with agents having good listening, speaking and neutral accent. Predictive Dialer that can handle hot transfers with strong IT, good net speed and White VoIP. Working DID is a must.

Appointment setting
Dialing hours: 9AM – 8:30PM PST. Center interested will need to provide recordings of their reps/agents to qualify. Training will be provided with centers having Speakers and Webcam.

Contact on Skype: Bmagroup / VoiceProcess

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