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Pharma Merchant Account Available

Hello we are a Franco Canadian company we own a pass gate of hay paying high risk tech support or pharmacy...

We have a payment gateway


We accept these types of payment from customers worldwide:


- Visa®

- MasterCard®


The currencies activated on the gateway are the Euro and the USD.

The pound sterling will be activated in a short time.


The payment process is done by a Virtual Terminal.


Rates and regulations:

- Our % / transaction: 25%

- Your % / transaction: 75%

- refund / cancellation:

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Use your own payment gateway this year

8266101853?profile=originalHave you been using 3rd party payment gateways just to accept your customers' payments, paying them ridiculous margins and leaving your funds at the 3rd party's disposal? If you have tried hard and failed to get your own gateway from a North American bank, then let us help you with a few facts.
Indian banks have very poor transaction approval ratio and do not support high risk international business, most times putting your funds on hold frequently. US banks are still accepting offshore high ris

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Business Exposure in United Kingdom & Europe

We help you form your own UK Limited Companies regardless of your nationality or location. This is the most common form of privately held companies which can be
registered in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

After registering your own LTD. Co. we help you to open a Business Bank account with a reputed bank in London which can receive payments in GBP/USD from your
customers. The most outstanding part of this service is that the owner does not need to travel to London for opening the ba

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If you have been using several merchant accounts and payment gateways for your business and have been facing issues like accounts going on reviews, chargeback issues, funds being blocked, etc. then now we have a permanent solution for you.  There is a Merchant Account company and a payment gateway company who have been providing consistent, uninterrupted financial solutions to merchants across the world. With more than 90%-95% transaction approval ratio, almost no restrictions on chargebacks (ba

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