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DME you will never regret

DME live transfer leads and posting leads with the best payout

 Here are the details:

For live transfers, we have a simple script for your agents to follow we will set you up with a DID and live google sheets for all of us to keep track.

For posting the recordings are with a long form. The payout is very good, just contact me for more details

DDV not provided please need call centers with good data to perform you can join me on skype: Gabriel115

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Direct sign up with the Biggest Australian Telecom Giant.
The campaign is just appointment fixing.

1. 25 - 35 agents for dialing
2. Free VOIP mins
3. Free calling data provided weekly
4. Free CRM to centers
5. Pay-out $30 - $150 for a max of 5 lines
6. Additional of $3 payout for each lead generated
7. Weekly Bonus
8. Client expansion to Inbound within 3-6 months
9. Weekly payouts
10. Monday - Friday dialing ( 6.30 AM - 3.30 PM IST)

We are looking for centers who have the set up to start dialing after the
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