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Need centre for uk campaign

At present we are looking to Add few Quality Centre who can Supply us Quality Pension Hot Key leadsPlease note: It's a Hot Key Live Transfer Campaign agent to generated Qualified lead as per script and criteria, and than need to do a live transfer all qualified lead to UK Adviser. Once they Agent Introduce the Customer with the Adviser they stay in mute and listen to call but not suppose to interrupt in middle. Adviser will re verify all the details with the Customer and if they find lead is mat
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We are looking for a call centre who can dial simple b2b USA campaign weekly payout Friday to Friday payment1) calling up USA hotels and providing free laptops . Leads provided payout 150$ per contract.2) call up USA stores and providing them free vending machines . Leads provided payout 25$ per appointment once the vending machine is installed more 45$ .If interested plz contact via mail or SkypeMail id : vinay_pillai@aol.comSkype I'd : Vinay.pillai81Thanks only serious centre who are intereste
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Merchant Account For Pharamacy

Its has been Known that pharmacy is based on targeted calling you don't call any or every one its making outbound
calls to people whom you know buy a certain prescription and we did
inform you that for running pharma you need to buy targeted leads. You
can find a vendor yourself and then let us know we will train you on it
but its a useless exercise training you when we know you can not run it
with out leads.

Here is the details

Tracking ID will be needed within 24-48 hrs of time when shipped every mon

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Specified data for grant available .

Hello Centers. We deals in end to end BPO/Callcenter Solutions . Data , Dialer , VoIP , Process , Merchant . For any query please get back to us : - Regards, Rohit Gupta, Phone: +91-7790807777; Email: Skype: rkg.outsource; G talk:; Yahoo: : rkg.outsource RKG Outsource ; Website: ; BBM Pin :27560E5F

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Looking for process

This is Ashes Chatterjee from India.I am looking for a genuine survey process to dial with 5-10 seats with all survey exp agents. I am running AUS solar with 5 seats and UK loft and cavity Insulation with 5 seats. Please send me the details of process with terms and conditions , payment details and payment cycle, script so that we can finalize asap. I am looking for a AUS process too 


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If you are loosing money because of the Aggregate, Offshore or Volatile Merchant Accounts then we have a solution for you.

We have a relationship with a local Business Consulting Firm who can assist in forming an US Corporation along with Bank and Domestic Merchant Account for any kind of Legal Business. Yes we can do it by finding a US Signer for you.

Stop wasting money by forming a Company in DE or OR using which you cant even open a proper Bank Account because as per Law to open a US Domestic A

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No Selling Involve, No Agents, No Upfront, No Royalty 100% Profit.
Weekly Payout (Every Monday trough PAYPAL)


10 Seats Minimum to Qualified

Accepted Campaigns:

Home Security, Health Insurance, EDU, Tech Support Outbound, Solar, Diabetic, Mortgage, Home Improvements
and more.

Not Accepted Campaigns:

Payday, and B2B campaigns

Email me for more info: or skype: jundy.serra

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hello everyone we are a merchant processing company that process for PHARMA SALES WE PAY OUT 75% OF EACH ORDER weekly pay out schedule we will PAY OUT EVERY two day for the first week to show you THAT WE WILL ALWAYS PAY  if interested please contact SKYPE: jaime.lynn40 or brianwest20 or email:

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Dear Centers and Affiliate Brokers,

You are currently running our campaigns or have done so in the past. We still want to do more business with you! Below are our most stable campaigns which have been running up to 4 years already. Please reply back if you are interested on any campaigns. We are also doing a survey with call centers to see what campaigns you are currently running with much success. We may be able to find similar campaigns for you and even higher payouts or better conversions. So
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Saver Network

Through this campaign call center can maximize the revenue opportunity. The sale cycle will be following

Center will, no financial information required for Verizon and charter.

1. Offer Saver Network services to reduce home Phone, Internet and TV bill.

2. Check customer address on Verizon fios network for serviceavailability. As this network providing highest payout. If customeraddress approved by
Verizon for service availability close the sale and upload to sales
portal. There is no har

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