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We are a US based direct client looking for education live transfers to our US call center (we are not a broker). We are looking for 3 Centers' to dial "Education live-transfer lead generation campaign".

1. Center should have a Predictive Dialer.
2. Un-interrupted Power Supply.
3. 24x7 Internet Connection
4. Minimum 10 Seats.
5. Excellent English speaking and listening skilled agents along with TL, and QA representative.

Dialing Hours: MON-FRI 10AM-7PM EST
Payout per Qualified Lead: $15-$4

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US Online Education Lead Generation

.US Online Education Lead GenerationWe have aligned with a marketing firm in Florida to sell prospect Student list to Universities and therefore need suppliers who have the available technology to make live transfers. The live transfers are first sent to the call centre in USA where we verify the quality of the lead through cross questioning and re-questioning method. After the prospect is qualified at our end we have 3 options left.Firstly we transfer them to the contact centre of the Universit
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