How To Start the Perfect Call Center

There’s something to be said for selecting the perfect call center space. A range of diverse considerations need to be taken into account to ensure you and your employees are as happy and as productive as can be. Taking the time to seek out the ideal solutions is perhaps the most crucial decision of all – and one that shouldn’t be neglected.

Here are a few important considerations you should be making when selecting a one stop solutions:

Where is your market? Where are your competitors based?

Do you want to be close to them, or as far away as possible? Depending on your brand image, you may want to be located in something of a ‘market hub’ like Stratinsol - Step in & Start where many BPO works together from physical and network separated area in one roof. Think millennium business park . For the business on a tighter budget, a virtual office solution might help you achieve this goal.

Where are your customers?

Is it important for your business to be close to them on a ground level? If you want a front-facing business with a physical presence in the market, location prominence is important. Like Insurance Telemarketing. In Stratinsol – Step in & Strat you can have presence in metro cities and even in tire 2 , Tier 3 cities with same OPEX model where you don't have to invest in CAPEX, IT solutions & Support, facility management and recurring expenditure. It is truly step in & start.

Where are resource hub? A great geographical location ensures everyone can get in on time, with low costs, and minimum stress. Close to a public transport station? Congestion charges in the locality? Ample parking? In house recruitment and HR services? Every stratinsol facility has state of art location, easy to communicate with all employee convince services and manged by in house recruitment and HR team.

What technological support you and your client looking for for current and future projects ?

Search for business centers or call center space where you will get IT solutions and support team with SLA of Uptime.

If and when you decide it’s time to expand, are you able to do so with ease?

Very few business centres and office space operators make allowances for expansion and downsizing as a gesture to continuing clients. In the current climate vigilance is key to success, so it’s vital to be prepared for a sudden internal boom or bust. Make sure your space provides for such a possibility

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