Hi Guys,We need centres for BELL SOLO MOBILITY process.Deal with us and get higher payouts for SOLO.Out Sourcing Solo Mobility (Canadian Campaign)Offering by weekly payouts.Payout/confirmed & verified sale is Candian $60Very easy to sell product, No credit card info required.Agent Portal can be provided if your sales ratio/month is more then 200.1 agent can easily make 3 to 4 gross sales or applications/day.Minimum Seats Required:10 TSR's with 1 closer having dialing Experience on BELL SOLO for more then 6 months.Core training will be provided.If you are intrested in geting the deal from us for SOLO MOBILITY campaign copy the below form fill it and then send it on my email address at mikehase_mh@hotmail.comFORM:-FROM HOW LONG YOU ARE WORKING ON SOLO MOBILITY CAMPAIGN?___________.HOW MANY SALES YOU ARE GENARATING EVERY MONTH?___________.WHAT IS THE PAYOUT WHICH YOU ARE GETING FOR SOLO?____________.HOW MANY AGENTS DO YOU HAVE?___________.WHY YOU WANT TO WORK WITH US?___________.FROM HOW LONG YOU ARE IN THIS CALL CENTRE INDUSTRY BUSINESS?___________.WRITE DOWN THE NAME OF EVERY OF THE CAMPAIGN ON WHICH YOU HAVE WORKED/RUN IN YOUR CALL CENTRE?__________.WHERE YOUR CALL CENTRE IS LOCATED?___________.WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR CALL CENTRE?___________.DO YOU HAVE A REGISTERED/NON-REGISTERED CALL CENTRE?___________.Regards,Mohsin Ahmad.HR Manager(I-ONICS)Main Blvd Defence Lahore.Email:mikehase_mh@hotmail.com
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