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Innovative Outsourcing has developed a campaign and a call center technology that will revolutionize the EDU industry! You can now use non-voice agents with our Avatar EDU campaign! Your non-voice agent will simply press keys on their computer to control the responses of our Avatar Voice. The avatar voice is a real human being that we pre-recorded. Your non-voice agent simply needs to listen to the response of the customer. Agent will control our avatar to play the script as well as control any rebuttals in real time. This will revolutionize the call center industry as well as the EDU campaigns. We now allow India call centers to run this campaign with non voice agents. Your agent will never speak one word. Therefore, communication is not a problem even if your agent does not have good com skills because our Avatar system will do the talking; they just need good listening skills! We are looking for experienced centers with EDU that have their own data who can run this revolutionary campaign. We will provide our proprietary avatar technology linked to our webform and connected to your dialer; we don’t provide VOIP or leads. We will pay on a cost per lead of $10-12 per transfer. Payout terms are bi-weekly, Net 15.

If you are interested to learn more, please send us your call center name, address, skype, email, experience in EDU, and how many non-voice agents you can assign. We will NOT allow any centers without EDU experience and who do not have their own EDU data. We will also charge a $750 one time set up fee to use our proprietary technology that will save you thousands of dollars by paying non-voice agents less PLUS increase your production. Please do not contact us if you can not comply with these requirements. We are looking to start this campaign July 1 and seating is limited to centers who reply back within 24 hours.

Interested can shoot email at petilla.michelle@gmail.com. Thanks!

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