Hi Everyone, Hope you are doing great! Starting from September, Hope You all aware that we are entering in anti outsourcing rhetoric, where we might acquire momentum and reach its fever pitch. The US elections are due in Nov 2012. Both the Contenders are taking a strong stand on their view point. Let us have a hardcore discussion on their view points and try to educate ourselves on what could be the effect of the outcome of these elections on each of us which might effect the revenue generation pattern not only on the Indian economy but also our pockets as well... This is your Forum to express why outsourcing is an irreversible trend and any attempt to curb it, should be subjected to a global debate as it impacts the world economics on the whole. We invite your opinions on the same. Join us for a 3 month long special coverage of the impact of US election on the outsourcing industry. Let’s hope, together we all can make a constructive effort to counter the backlash and create wider acceptance for a business practice which should be acceptable in today's times. So here is your platform, Shoot your thoughts :) Regards...

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  • HI People please go through this url Which Might come up with some ease for our discussion.


  • HI everyone... Let us consider a thing that Indians play the crucial role in the filed of outsourcing. But the fear is all still in our minds... Y to be so??? let us wait till the time the Govt of U.S stops outsourcing their projects... But lets keep a thing in our mind that .. outsourcing stopped... imagine the riot that's going to be created. Let us hope good comes all the way .. That's all we can do till now.

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