US Natural Gas Campaign - Best Offer in Illinois

It is the time of the year to focus on nat gas sales because people will be cranking up the heat in those cold weather states. We are proud to present our newest campaign, just inked the deal today. Best offer in Illinois, if you cannot sell it then you have no business dialing.


  • Offer all 3 gas utilities (NICOR, PEOPLES, NORTHSHORE)
  • Guaranteed to be lower than utility each month for 12 months, current market variable rate after promotion expires, customer can contact supplier direct at that time and cancel or ask to be placed on new program
  • All dwelling types
  • No Early Termination Fee
  • No Monthly Service fee
  • Live TPV
  • Batch upload of daily sales
  • 30 day from enrollment claw back
  • Individual center portal access to track sales
  • Commission = $45 per dale


Contact me for details…

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  • Hi. I'm Vince Gonzales, we're based here in the Philippines.
    I'm interested in this campaign.
    Please send details to my email:
    Here's my skype id: megazoide1999

  • Hi Kevin,

    I just now noticed this. I am not sure how I missed it but I am sending you the information right now. 
    Kevin V said:


    Give me more info please.


  • Hello,

    Give me more info please.


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