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Overview:This campaign has tremendous potential and high payouts. It is a phone verified form posted lead generation with prompt, professional lead follow up by the client. We strictly need strong centers for this process including QA and predictive dialer. Prior Personal Injury experience preferred. Types of Personal Injury:- Road Traffic Accident (RTA)- Employer's liability (accident at work) - Occupier's Liability (accident at a supermarket or other business place) 1. Must be over 18yrs and under 75yrs. 2. Must have had a slip, trip, or a road traffic accident (RTA) that is not the customer's fault.3. Passengers in a RTA count as an individual claim and are payable.3. Must have details of the third party claim and insurance on RTA's, witness where possible. 4. Incident must be less than 5 yrs unless a long standing industrial illness. E.g. noise pollution etc. Requirements:10 seats to start off. Excellent English speaking and listening skilled agents along with TL, and QA representative. DID Number to receive inbound calls in the event that customers need to call back. Forced or sending through disqualified leads not tolerated.Crystal clear VOIPBack-up power and broadband.One responsible person has to be available on Skype for Voice Chat during calling hours (NO EXCUSE).Contract can a be cancelled if quality criteria is not met.This is the criteria that MUST be met for a valid case:Did the Accident take place with in last 3 years?  (Must be Yes)Have you already signed up with another solicitor? (Must be No)Do you have the third party details? (Must be Yes)Was the accident your fault? (Must be No)Did you go to your General Physician or hospital? (Must be Yes)Do you wish to make a claim? (Must be Yes)Did you sustain whiplash, back, or other body pain etc more than 6 weeks? (Must be a Yes)When this criteria is met, client should be asked convenient time for a call back. Once case passed to us we will give update with 24-48 hours. If case accepted invoice can be sent and if rejected we pass on to another solicitor and if rejected second time we send it back to center. Payout is weekly within 3 working days upon customer signing contract for a case.Vetting Process           A case will only be accepted by the Principal if the following criteria is met:2.1  The Principals Vetting Solicitor has assessed the potential claim and is of the opinion that the potential claim has a better than 51% chance of success;2.2  The potential claim in the opinion of the Principals Vetting Solicitor will realize greater than £1,000.00 damages;2.3  The date of the accident is within the statutory 3 year limitation period;2.4  The potential claim in the opinion of the Principals Vetting Solicitor is not fault of the potential claimant;2.5  And the accident circumstances are true and accurate.3  Cancellation ProcessReferral Fees are paid on the seventh working day after the solicitor has accepted the file, and all the relevant documentation signed and completed (this includes but is not limited to; the client retainer and conditional fee agreement). The “claw back” process will be initiated if the following is not carried out within the first 30 days of the client signing all the relevant documentation;3.1 Client has received all the relevant signed documentation from the client.3.2 Client has received verified confirmation from the agent of the client’s identification documentation.Campaign Profile: B2CDialing Territory: All UKProcess Type: Lead Generation Industry: Injury Claims Price: Not Applicable Payout: Up to £200 per contract signed lead for RTA:1. 1 to 25 per month pays out £150 per signed claim2. 25 to 50 per month pays £175 per claim3. 50+ pays £200 per claim. Payment Mode: direct bank transfer, Western Union or PayPalPayment Frequency: Weekly with 50% hold till end of month. Within 5 days of case being accepted. Approval: Daily updated Google shared spreadsheet for real-time reporting Leads: Not Provided.Shift Hours: TPS (UK DNC) Compliant HoursReporting: Shared Google docs.Training: In-house. Experienced centers doing volume only. Stability of the Process: 2 years+ Sales Target: 50+ valid leads/ month.Any interested parities should email me for further details

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