How we work on the campaign is not on acceptances/or return of CFA documents or any other legal aspect
we simply work on this process as a lead generation campaign - as we know its important you guys as call centres maintain your centre running costs and get the necessary weekly cash-flow.
All we look for is leads which fit our 5 point basic criteria which is;-
1. Non Fault Leads (with a identifiable third party/or party to blame)
2. Accidents to be up to 2 years old
3. Clients suffered injuries and sought medical attention via GP or Hospital
4. Has not made a claim or currently claiming via any legal representative
5. Wants to make a claim and is happy to speak to us
If a lead fits the above criteria once our LR (legal response) team has spoken to client - you will be advised of a qualified lead. We will pay £25.00 for each qualified lead under that basic scheme. Their is no claw backs/returns/replacement on these terms of work; as its simple lead generation. Now from what we qualify from your side we take a risk - as their is no guarantee we will convert the lead into a sale - but thats a risk we take from our side.
On average our good affiliates on this campaign are getting 20+ weekly qualified - so are getting good weekly funds in the region 
Feedbacks are supplied within 24 hours of submitting lead or every Thursday PM (once we have spoken to the client obviously) 
I hope the above all seem's ok
Kind Regards

Amit Sharma

Apex tele Services

Business Director

E Mail:-

+91 8130936777

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