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We are Outsourcing a UK based Telecom Campaign (PRECISE TELECOM).
We are offering this Campaign to both Outsource-rs and Direct Centers.
This is a Direct Signup and the training is provided by the Company itself (Onsite and Online).
Company is one of the Major competitor with good Plans and Offers much more to the Customers as compared to BT and Talk Talk.
Company is involved into Land-phones for Consumers and Business along with Broadband.

Longevity of the Process ?
Telecom is still doing good in UK as people are looking forward for a change to help them save their everyday expenses .

Why Only Precise ?
We offer the Best in the UK Market Compared to other Major Service Providers in UK and Offers many value added service which makes it the BEST for Consumers and Businesses.

What do you provide for Contact Centers ?
We make sure that all the tools are at your tips to make your sales more effective , along with which we provide you extensive and repeated training to boost up your sales on an everyday manner.
We Offer you Sales Bonuses wherein others do not with good payout keeping in mind you are paid very frequently to get more and more confidence .
We would also consider few or some Contact centers for Inbound depending upon their Sales Volume , Quality and Infrastructures.
So its a WIN-WIN solution !!!!

What About New Contact Centers who have not dialed Telecom ?
"It is the first step which is difficult" Well said and so we do believe in .
We promise to stand behind you in every difficult situation or wherever you need help or Support.
we would make sure that win for Precise shall give credit to your organization as Well and help you grow more.
To gain confidence by yourself we would recommend you to start only with a team of 10 Agents as we are not accepting team less than 10 for Freshers .

What Extra are you doing for Experienced Telecom Contact Centers ?
Sure thing , We have really come up with a new and revised payout for experienced Centers along with Sale Bonuses on certain volumes.

How do we Move further ?
Kindly create a Professional Profile of Your Company with Complete physical and Contact details .
Contact: Richard Williams on skype at rich_willy Celphone: +44 7024062111
Forward your Profile upon approval we will contact you.
Contact Richard and You will be guided further about the Plan Of Action do not Contact without a Company Profile .

We are taking Outsource-rs Only from Phillipines and UK.

Know more About the Company CLICK >>

What Country Contact Centers are you Accepting at this time ?


Presently we are only looking for 3 Contact Centers and you will be Shortlisted , so Company without Profile will be rejected straight away.


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