Telephone Tips - From 'Well, duh' to 'Hmm...interesting'

Telephone Tips from 'Well, duh' to 'Hmm...interesting'

Just to get your started on the right foot, here are some important tips and tricks of the trade. Follow these guidelines and you'll be a superstar phone salesperson in no time flat!
  1. Always assume that you are the most important person calling and don't give them an opportunity to prove otherwise. If they really truly seem busy, offer them a coveted appointment date. Pencil them in.
  2. Third time's the charm. Using a person's first name in conversation makes them feel important, so say 'Joe' at around three times before asking for his money
  3. Try not to say 'Joe Blow' or 'Mr. Blow'; last names are used by bank telemarketers and, so long as you're not calling at dinner time, that's not you, right?
  4. Even if you are reading off a script, try not to sound like it. Descriptive words help, especially when you are describing their particular needs / facilities / stores / etc.
  5. Introduce yourself with every new phone call; you wouldn't recognize every one of your client's voice AND all of your supplier's voices, right? So why should they recognize yours? Superiority complex, or what?
  6. Unless you do your calling through Skype, your client probably cannot see you, but that does not mean that can't hear your gestures and expressions in your voice. Smile when you talk and you will portray your stupendously good nature through your voice. Your client will think you MUST be good to be smiling even though you are cold calling.
  7. Hunter suggests going so far as to stand up for enthusiasm; the least you could do is sit up straight, for goodness sakes. What would your mother think!?
  8. 'In conclusion...' Ok, so maybe that's a little stuffy, but it is helpful to summarize your conversation for your client. You should be taking notes; they probably aren't. Remind them in a sentence or two what decisions have been made and conclude the phone call on a light and easy note.
  9. Before saying goodbye, make sure that your client is finished with the conversation too. As a salesperson there is a very good chance you monopolized the call with your chatter, so give your client one last chance to insert any questions or comments at the end of the call.
  10. NEVER USE SPEAKER PHONE! There are just too many ways that it is wrong and tacky so just DON'T DO IT.
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  • Points well covered…however, one’s missing…”Listening Skills”….let them speak, golden rule of telemarketing is : The one who speak more losses…it’ll give you time to come back with an answer to their objections. If you blabber
    on…they get the time to create more objections! Happy hunting...

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    It helps thank you so much...



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