This is the vision of our CEO Michael Bian to establish the first and only local Contact Centre in the heart of Davao City, Philippines. At Present, SixEleven Global Teleservices - Credibility in servicing our clientele is still firm in the BPO/Outsourcing Global Market since inception in 2005. Our road to sensation is the continued innovation to have the right Technology and Workforce that is Efficient, Effective, Experienced. Through the years we are able to Employ 1800+ Workforce housed strategically in our 3 Service Delivery Centre, Servicing 91 Diversified Small, Medium and Enterprise (SME) Companies around the Globe backed with our Integrity and International Standard Certificate Compliance in Payment Card Industry (PCI), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA).

OUR NICHE: We believe that to provide great service, we need to have the right people and the right technology in place. We believe that our business is people driven, thus we invest time and attention towards such. We carefully recruit and train people to suite each and every client’s needs or expectations. We assess the unique needs of each client from Service Level Agreement, Project/Campaign Creation, Establishing the Client-Vendor Support Group, Technology Matching, Workforce Recruitment, Certification Training, Nesting Program and Project/Campaign Launch. We take unconditional pride and hard work on the services we offer to our current and future client partners. That is why having the right people is crucial in the success of any organization.

Right PEOPLE + Right TECHNOLOGY = SUCCESS: FIRST ingredient is our company is practicing “Fair Employment Act” and SECOND ingredient is our Technology that is “State-of-the-Art”. There is no secret behind. The question is it’s not “HOW” but it’s “WHAT” we showcase to our client partners. One of those is we provide the “Peace of Mind” in doing business with us. We provide undivided attention and outmost care to each of our client partners in return they show us their smile, satisfaction, loyalty and earn their respect because not only we are able to increase their profit margin but also the growth of their company as well and because of that some of our client partners was recognized internationally as one of the “Top 100 Fastest Growing Start-Up Company” and featured in “Fortune 500” also in “Entrepreneur”.
This is to confirm our company’s intention to do business in partnership with your company. The popularity of your company’s name and our quality service is really a great collaboration in the industry. For that, we can confidently say that our respective businesses will earn more than the expected or estimated profit annually and save 50% on salary cost of the employee using our services.

I am confident that after reading this your or your company will consider our fine intention. If you want to know more then you can reach me through my Office Direct Line: 323.744.6445 | Our CEO Michael Bian Direct Line: 650.843.9172 | Email: | Skype: john.gison.611 and let's discuss our future business venture.
Thank you for the confidence you have shown in SixEleven Global Teleservices.

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