Searching for Australian Telecom Service Providers

We are a Call Centre based in West Bengal (India) ,

We came across a lot of post talking about Telecom however we didn't find any of them coming directly from the Company or individual rather it was through mediators and brokers and many didn't have any idea about what they are posting , thereby requesting all you folks not to contact unless you own the Company or is in a position where you represent the company .

We Offer our Services across all states in Australia except Northern Territory (NT) , and currently we offer Sales through Telemarketing of the following products :

1. PSTN/Fixedwire

2. ADLS2+

3. Virtual Number (Permanenet Diversion)

4. Bundle Services 

we offer no contracts , 6mnth, 12mnth, 24mnth to both Businesses and Residential users ,


All Interested parties may reply with their Name , Designation and Contact Details .

Thanks in advance !!!!

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