Onboarding call centers for a Live transfer campaign


We are offering an Home Security live transfer campaign to all call centers that are currently doing a residential campaign. NO SALES NEEDED for this. After your sales call or pitch you simply let them know that you are also partnered up with Home Security company and you have an amazing offer for them. Free doorbell camera and over $1000 in free equipment. If they are interested then simply transfer the call and wait to get paid.

- $300 to $800 USD per live transfer that turns into an install
- Pay is 1 weeks after install paid on Fridays
- Pay is sent weekly via wire or ACH
- No chargebacks

This campaign goes very well with AT&T, DirecTV, Frontier DME, Health Insurance, Funeral expense Insurance, Auto Insurance and literally any residential campaign you are currently doing.

Please DM, email, text, Skype or call me if you want more details.

Whatsapp, Text or call : 1-727-819-7096 ; +91-9831677068
Skype: ericcarter230

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