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For Pharma friends

Hello to every one,



1) Every Friday payouts . All orders from Monday to Thursday will be paid same Friday.
2) Solid backend for order placing and reporting.
3) Bank Wires.
4) Real time order processing. All orders confirmed and processed in l

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Pharmacy from USA


US Pharmacy
Commission : 35%
Payment Cycle : First two week weekly and then every third day
Calling List: Call Center Responsibility may provide at cost

contact: Alpesh Nagar
skype: alpesh_nagar

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Website Development Process

We are a US based company, we deal into website designing & development for professionals and small businesses, we have been in business for more than two years now and its time to expand company by outsourcing our business to call centers around the

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UK council Tax Reclaim Process

Council Tax Reclaims -Info - The basic reason of this kind of reclaim is the fact that many UK citizens have been placed in higher tax bands* as compared to their property valuation.* -- The council taxes are dived on the basis of their property valu

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I have 6 outbound voice processes with good payouts.These are the Outbound Voice Process:1) US PayDayLoan2) UK Primus Telecom (Leads will be provided)3) US B2B ATM Locator4) US Online Education5) US Pharmacy6) US/UK PC Tech SupportIf you are interest

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Top Payout Campaigns

Hello Everyone,If anyone is looking for the best payouts for the campaigns listed below please drop me an email.USA:DishTVDirectTVADTBrinksOraclePathUK:Sky TVCarphone WarehouseCanada:Duct CleaningInternational:VopiumPlease email at

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