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Hourly Campaign

AMG Campaign Details


 Home Improvement campaign paying up to $11 CAD an hour per agent or you can negotiate a 100% commission agreement

  • Hours of operations Sunday to Friday 10 am to 9pm
  • Dialer, VoIP and leads provided
  • 10 agent minimum
  • REQUIRED: We are se

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Credit Repair Campaign USA

We are delighted to share details with you and hope we hope to have a fruitful business relation in future. Below you would find the details about the process we are offering to our customers also i have included the payouts we are offering to our te

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PPI Outbound Campaign

We are a UK based Claim Management Company offering PPI campaign on pay by performance basis.

We would prefer only to work with call centres with their own dialer technology. No brokers, and middle men would be entertained. We need agents who are very

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