In the celebration of the year Metal Rat, We at Six Eleven Global Services been a BPO service provider in the industry since January 2005. In our 14 years in the Business , We've been servicing our 71 Diversified and Unique Clients in our 4 Service Delivery Centers located in a strategic business locations in Davao City and Gen. Santos City, Philippines. Last year, We currently launched our new flagship office that can house more than 3,000+ Employees for our current and future clients for their outsourcing needs, For our clients to focus more on their core business.

With this strategic approach in the First Quarter (Q1) of this year 2020, This will increase the popularity of our client's integrity and brand name by delivering our effective customer management solutions, This will be the key ingredient in achieving organizational efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.

We at SixEleven can confidently say that achievement, we make sure to take care of our employees, partners, and clients to ensure mutual collaborative success as we continually aim to be at the top in the global stage.

We do our best as a team to boost production in operations making our brand a reliable service provider. Our flexibility defines our identity of catering to tailor-fit projects and customized client needs. Through the quality of our performance, we are able to build our client's trust and consistent satisfaction.

Our clients can take ADVANTAGE of this top benefits in partnering with us.
- FOCUSED SCALABILITY: Equipped to scale up with the right resources, talents, technology, and industry knowledge to take on large-scale operations.
- EXPERT MANAGEMENT: Housing an elite team of Subject Matter Experts and Quality Assurance Specialists with industry-tested processes that boosts profitability and reduce costs.
- FLEXIBLE STAFFING: With dedicated team leaders and client relations experts, we provide tailor-made operations fit to your specific business, size, budget and vision.

To know more about us, message me here. I am looking forward to discuss this Business Partnership Opportunity. If you want to connect to me directly, more information below:

HQ Office: +1 (844) 607-9611 ext. 05
Direct: +1 (646) 583-2951
Email: jn@sixelevencenter.com


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