Inbound Postings (Rules to be followed)

Hello All,


I have seen a flood of Inbounds (mostly fake) being posted on CP and asking for Consultancy Charges, Upfronts, travelling expenses......... etc., and almost every Inbound is like a million dollar deal. Last week, I casually did a check on some of these inbounds and found they are non existing and I did delete most of them from CP + I found that all of these are from free emails and not from any official email address. 


So, just to avoid, people falling into the trap, have decided to make some stingent rules for Inbound postings. From now on, to post a Inbound, it is mandatory that you need to have a official email address, and not Gmail and Yahoo accounts. and you need to mention your official postal address too, in the post. There might be a lot of foul cry on this, but I guess its worth a cry. I am not here to clean up the industry, but I can take some steps to avoid someone falling in a trap, through this website. 


Hope, everyone will take the positive side of it and help me in this drive to avoid frauds and fakes.



Swapneal Rathi

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  • great decision bhai. keep it up

  • That is great dear, it will be helpfull for people like me who don't opt any inbound deal, because of such huge requirements of the consultants. 

  • Correct! I posted something like that recently, and I guess people don't ready the post completely and started getting offers like crazy... all fake!

  • thanks.........sir

  • Hopefully, from now onwards we can see some genuine CPs ... 

    Great Job !!!!

  • seems a real you have any inbound currently
  • finally someone who is thinking logically and taking action
  • Doug, Yes, I can guide you on that, please send me a mail at or skype me . My id is swapneal



    Swapneal Rathi

    Douglas Prat said:

    can we even proof or verify people if we send you names or campaigns found here like the email I sent yesterday?
    Find all the call center campaigns here. Outbound, Inbound, Voice Non Voice etc.,
  • can we even proof or verify people if we send you names or campaigns found here like the email I sent yesterday?
  • You really have taken a great step to save peoples in getting right process.... I appreciate this.....
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