Fake and Illegal Campaigns - Please avoid these.

Hello all,

Last couple of days I have been receiving a lot of calls and emails from different centers who were cheated by some outsourcers in the name of Campaigns. This is an attempt to let the centers know about these campaigns so that others can avoid falling in the traps of these so called "outsourcers". 

Campaign 1 -  Chat Support from ADVENT LABS. 

Please avoid this Campaign as I have recieved complaints from around 6 centers being cheated on this Campaign. The outsourcers have charged from Rs30000 upwards from different centers in the name of CRM Tools installation. There are different outsourcers involved in this and are doing this as a sub contract as well. But please be aware that there is no such campaign from ADVENT LABS, and this is a fake campaign.

Campaign 2 -  Facebook ID creations.

This is another fake campaign. Please do understand that multiple facebook id's creation is illegal as well. There are certain outsourcers who are charging upfronts too in the name of this campaign and have made quite a good fortune, I would advise all to avoid this campaign too.

I will be updating a couple more campaigns which are used as tools to cheat the centers, Following are some of the suggestions to avoid frauds

1. You receive an offer that sounds too good to be true, it may not be valid.
2. Avoid paying upfront for projects or campaigns.
3. If you still decide to pay: Know the person you're sending money to.
a. Discontinue any transaction if someone asks you to pay via Western Union or asks to deposit money into their account. This is a sure sign of fraud.
b. Try and meet the consultant and obtain references if you are suspicious of an offer.
c. If the respondent calls you from an international number, it does not necessarily mean the caller is calling from the number listed. For instance, a US based numbered caller may actually be in India or Phillipines.
4. Large companies generally deal with businesses directly rather than through brokers.


Swapneal Rathi


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  • Thanks for this information.

  • Thank you Paul for the heads up.

  • Hello Yes another scanner..
    Do not work with them
  • Thank you for your insights they are much appreciated.  Has anyone dealt with  this group in the past?  If so what are your reviews on doing business with them?  Thank you very much and all feedback is very appreciate it.


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  • I can Confirm Sarfaraz is a Scammer. He replied to my posting about UK Telecoms. We are a UK Based Company and he 

    wanted us to do an upfront for taking him on.. Needless to say we refused. Alex you are not the first person to have said ab

    out this bloke 

  • http://www.campaignprovider.com/forum/topics/telecom-aus-and-uk-wit... 


  • I report Sarfaraz with UK telecom he is a scamer

  • awesome news name and shame them 

    scoudrels and Lodge FIR Complaint fraudsters

  • hi,

    Thanks for posting

  • Hello all,

    Please avoid any information from Aprylle Quipte, scammer "promoting" an hourly paid campaign from "Outsource Australia", they asked for an upfront fee for "training material and contract delivery".


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