Appointment Campaign Available

We are looking for a center to dial for us. The center will sign a contract with us....No upfront.



Center must have experience in appointment setting, B2C


Set an appointment for one of the security consultant to visit the premises and show the demo.

Product: GE Simon XT

A Master Control Panel

An Interior Siren

3 Door Contacts

A Motion Detector

A digital Keypad

A telephone Connection

The total cost of the product is USD800+


Cost to customer:

No equipment and installation fees for homeowners

One time activation for telephone connection and monthly monitoring fees of USD29.99


Lead Criteria

In order for a lead to be entirely qualified to have an appointment set, they must fit under the following criteria:


  • MUST be the homeowner
  • Must not currently have a security system
  • Must not currently be under contract with another monitoring company
  • Must know about the $29.99 monitoring fee


Trial Period

 The center will have to  give a two week trial period. Upon satisfactory performance contract will be renewed.


 The center will be paid biweekly.

 Performance based payout: USD20 per appointment

 Calling data will be provided by the client

Initial training will be provided by the client




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